VERA Side Table

New York-based design studio, Slash Pojects, experiments with unexpected juxtapositions and thoughtful design

Arielle Assouline-Lichten is an award-winning architect and designer and is the founder of Slash Projects. The design studio is based in Brooklyn, New York, and specializes in the intersection of digital and physical space. While working on a construction project in Soho, Arielle discovered recycled rubber granules, which would later serve as a muse for her first collection of homewares in Slash Projects. The granules are typically found in building materials for high endurance surfaces. Arielle was intrigued by the material and found it unique in that it is satisfying aesthetically, while at the same time sustainable and highly functional. Arielle’s approach was to use design as a way to transform an element from having one single use to many. The VERA collection for Lucie Kaas uses pure forms as a way to highlight the beauty of the materials. The combination of rubber particles, marble and brass with different textures create beautiful objects which add richness in texture and elegance to a space.


Arielle Assouline-Lichten about the design

”The VERA collection is about creating a sense of delight from the unexpected. It is about creating tactile stories for everyday lives, and bringing unique materials together with a bit of purity and a sense of intrigue.”


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About the Designer

Arielle Assouline-Lichten has worked for renowned architectural companies like BIG in Copenhagen, Kengu Kuma in Tokyo and Snøhetta in New York. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Arielle founded the award-winning studio Slash Projects in 2013. Arielle is a strong advocate for women in the design and art scene, such that she, together with classmate from Harvard, started a petition for the retroactive recognition of Denise Scott Brown by the Pritzker Prize in 2013. In addition to her activism, Arielle has also been invited to speak at Harvard, The Guggenheim Museum, and the AIA. In 2018, she won a “Best of NYC X Design Award” for her Coexist Collection. Her design philosophy is guided by creating purposeful designs which are unique, beautiful and sustainable.

The inspiration behind the collection name

As a strong advocate for women in the art and design scene, Arielle named the collection after the avant-garde Czech film director and pioneer of Czech cinema, Věra Chytilová (1929 – 2014). In 1960, the Czechoslovak government banned Věra’s best known film, ‘Daisies’ , a witty surrealist comedy that embodies a sense of curiosity for the world, and a bit of mischief that pokes at the status quo. With this in mind, Arielle and Lucie Kaas are proud to present the VERA collection as a recognition of uncompromising beliefs, art and design.