Elton John x Lucie Kaas

Celebrating more than 50 years as a musician, Lucie Kaas together with Becky Kemp from Sketch.inc have designed two Elton John kokeshi dolls. 

Elton John has expressed himself through many pop culture hits and through several flamboyant outfits. These humoristic outfits included colors, sequins, feather boas, capes, hats and glasses which have surprised fans time after time. In collaboration with Elton John, these outfits have been interpreted, forming the two look-a-like kokeshis. One, the white feather-covered outfit worn at a PR photoshoot in his home in 1974, the other a pink-colored outfit during ‘The Muppet Show’ in 1977.

Brought together with Bravado, the branding and entertainment licensing leaders, Lucie Kaas is honored to include Elton John within the kokeshi doll collection celebrating his phenomenal career, musical impact, and advocacy for change. Fans all over the world can now include him as a designer collectible in the home and be reminded of one of the greatest legends within the music industry.

See the collection here & here